Success stories

Duster 2021

From a conventional launch, to the best premiere of the year

One of the biggest challenges that the past pandemic confronted us with was the one to magnify events. Which would now be held predominantly virtually. The challenge then was not only the attendance (connection) to a launch, but al well how to sharpen the senses of sight and hearing to capture the attention of the audience. To achieve this, the plan was to gather enough graphic material used from different technological tools (such as the use of chromas, augmented realities, and even 360-degree virtual reality)All this aiming to transport people from their homes to the places that we wanted to recreate.
A successful case that demonstrates this at Feeling was the launch of the new Renault Duster. The Network’s most relevant and important event in the SUV segment, which had to be executed, impeccably, in a memorable way and with a call that surpassed the launches that were held on previous years, eminently face-to-face.

We brought together our entire digital and audiovisual production team to accomplish this challenge. We were able to achieve impeccable technological execution pieces. More than 3,000 people from the sales teams and other brand collaborators connected to the live transmissions. And more than 18,000 people watched it afterwards during the first two months. This went from a car launch into a movie premiere.