Success stories

Dux Crackers

A Brand with attitude

Embracing constant change and transformation

Administrating a brand such a DUX means the continuous problem solving of two challenges the brand faces, which both overtake equal transformation and innovation. These two challenges are:

  1. Facing the everchanging segment in the market (Youngsters). Understanding their behaviors, the different media they connect with and their very varied digital habits.

  2. Facing the broadest, asimetric, diverse and competitive segment of nutrition (Snacks). Which embarks on the unceasing understanding of who and how the shopper makes its final choices when buying; considering all the different purchasing channels they face on a daily basis.

How has Feeling pursued these challenges?

Next to our customer, Feeling has discovered three ways in which the brand has grown over the past 7 years achieving sales goals and brand health every single year.

1. Relevant Promo Activities

If there is something young people are really picky about, that is promotional activities in which they need to take a part in or participate. Based on structured data (Segmented market investigation runned by the customer, validation with consumers done by the advertising agency, special papers published about youngsters, numbers, profiles and social media) we have found preferences on promotional rewards. Preferences that go all the way from a life purpose or vital experiences, to everyday needs and trivial likes.

2. ON – OFF Experiences

Social Media as a natural conversational scenario for young people nowadays requires a very active presence of the brand seeking attention. Feeling has understood these over the years that has administered and worked on the brand, by watching a yearly increase on X in Facebook and X in Instagram. Platforms that have proven to bring organic traffic into the brands´webpage, which although has a very basic architecture, fulfills the needs the brand has encountered when promotional and launching activities take place with their products. This can be evidenced in the numbers, where we have seen an increase in traffic from X to Y when the last two activities that took place are compared.

Same happens when we talk about Snacks. The implicit portability in this market category necessarily takes the brand to the streets and natural consumption scenarios the product is consumed. It is why experiences that make it possible to interact with the brand and the tasting of their products, have always been part of the mix Felling has used to overcome the need DUX has of connecting with their consumers. This way during the past years XXXXX people have been able to interact directly with their favorite snack taking action on proposals that the Agency has developed for the brand.


3. Understanding Shopper Duality

DUX is a young brand. However, it must also deal with channels that are not so natural for this segment. That is why Feeling during each proposal built for the brand has always gone hand in hand with understanding the channels in which its product reaches its consumers. And for that very reason, two decades of Feeling experience at the point of sale should be put into use as the definitive setting for the shopper’s decision.

However, we would do nothing if we did not understand the scenarios most related to young people, and hence the exercise is contemplated in the different moments in which the consumer may require a snack. Because just as there is a natural purchase scenario in analog daily life, this must always be accompanied by a digital one.