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Noel Christmas

the magic that works

A yearly daring tradition

Being a brand leader implies being dared from every single front. More so when your segment is under Christmas cookies, these challenges not only come from the product offer, but from new generations that bring into the mix knowledge from other cultural cuisines and products attached to them. This presents new challenges when looking for consumer preference during Christmas and holiday season.

For this reason, Feeling has considered essential the support at the different points of sale where the product is offered. And not only from the specific solutions of the channels, but also anticipating the different needs that may arise during the season. This will ensure that the Christmas spirit is breathed in each of the points of contact that can be done with the consumer.

When we talk about Christmas, we are also talking about a time when emotional experiences transcend. That is why, year after year, the Christmas Noel site has become an asset in which postcards, stories, and interactive experiences have helped complement what people live. This has led to a consecutive increase in traffic and interaction.

Consolidating brand assets

Undergoing temporality has the challenge of building a legacy but also of innovation. This has been the constant since Feeling, Christmas and Noel´s relationship. Leading not only to the Christmas season having its own stamp with an audiovisual piece that marks the arrival of this magical season, but also building sections on the website that year after year show how the user has been appropriating what the brand has for him/her.

Metrics show an increase of X in the interaction. The audiovisual piece that identifies the season is one of the communication assets that the brand has. Besides, this is part of the local culture during Christmas time in Colombian homes.