Success stories

Planet earth has spoken to us and asked us to pause, come back to the simple things, return home and connect with our surroundings. In a response we have also connected thousands of people with a higher purpose divided into the 4 elements that make it up.

Aire / alma

Tierra / esencia raíces

Agua / purificación

Fuego / transformación

This way we have created the first Digital Festival for the brand: Tosh, with 100% virtual spaces that transported each individual from their being, to live 100% real experiences, reconnecting with their interior, being aware of their environment, their life and their relationship with the world.
We had guests and assistants from different parts of the world, who were welcomed in thousands of houses connected to Planet Earth, during times of isolation, loneliness and uncertainty, where we accompanied and felt more accompanied than ever, where we accompanied and felt more accompanied than ever, understanding our role in this world and committing ourselves fully with life